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TailorMade Homes

​Like a finely-tailored suit, homes designed by TailorMade Homes are elegant, eye-catching, sophisticated, classic and sleek. When you see one, you know the difference. When you own one, no other home will ever compare. The brand embodies the same characteristics of a tailored suit that is hand-crafted to fit the owner, with the high quality of workmanship and attention to detail that goes into every home that is designed.

TailorMade Homes is not an ordinary general contractor, nor are we a cookie cutter, large-scale homebuilder. When you choose TailorMade as the builder of your new home, you can expect the benefits of each without the drawbacks of either.

The signature menswear icon used in our logo is a symbol of the elegant simplicity and sophistication that embodies each and every unique home that we build. TailorMade Homes emulate the characteristics of a perfectly-tailored suit that is flawlessly designed to fit the lifestyle of the person who owns it. 

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